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rhythmic gymnastics classes

The mission of LVRG Team is to develop happy, healthy, and confident individuals. We strive to find a balance for our athletes that will allow them to be challenged at their current ability level while experiencing both personal and team success. It is our goal that each child develops to the best gymnast that they can be, and they learn both valuable gymnastics and life lessons.

We are excited to provide one of the top training facilities in Las Vegas. Our athletes are provided the topmost resources bolstered by an impressive and highly experienced coaching staff. This program will allow your child to develop her confidence, poise, individuality, mental and physical strength, determination, dedication, and self-respect.

RGLV Team Rules & Policies

The RGLV team is built on a culture of respect and hard work. By these means, the athlete is predisposed to being successful and creating strong character traits. For this culture to be established and maintained, the athletes and parents must conform to the expectations of the team, the coaches, and the gym by adhering to these rules and policies. RGLV will not tolerate athletes or parents that, by their words or actions, do not support the policies and values of our team program.

The following is a breakdown of the levels within the Las Vegas Rhythmic Team Program.

rhythmic team work

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