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Bungee Fit

BUNGEE FIT class at Aerial Athletica was introduced on MORE Fox5 Segment 5 FIT FRIDAYS with Shred and Sparkle.

Prerequisites For Bungee Fit

 Able to run and jump actively and unsupported. Able to fit in one of the harnesses in this page.

What is Bungee fit?

Bungee Fit can only be found at Aerial Athletica in Las Vegas!  Bungee Fit is a fun new concept using a sturdy low-rigged bungee harness. Once safely buckeled in you will be able to bounce, spin, jump and glide just above the floor. In bungee Fit you will find yourself jumping higher and laughing harder.  You will become conditioned with core control and cardio.  Feel the weightless joy of Bungee Fit for yourself!  Bungee Fitenss is perfect for an Off the Strip activity or intense cardio excersise while having fun!

Saturday 1:00pm - 2:00pm 
Sunday 11:00am-12:00pm

Bungee Fit drop-in $38/person (class cap up to 5 people)

A Private Group lesson By Appointment

If you would like to have a private group class, please inquire about availability and pricing. 

Harness sizes and availability

Three S-M 

  • Waist Adjustment: 27"-33"

  • Leg Adjustment: 24"-33"

Three M-L

  • Waist Adjustment: 32"-37" 

  • Leg Adjustment: 28"-37"

TWO L-XL Harness 

  • Waist adjustment 28"-45" 

  • Thigh adjustment 20"-32"


What to wear

Man and Women: T-shirt or Tank Top that covers the waist area, and long leggings or tight pants. You will be in a harness!

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