Aerial Space

Aerial Silks uses specially designed very long tensile fabric, folded in half and suspended from the ceiling. On this “silk” you will develop your skills through climbing and techniques such as the foot-lock, spins, wraps, drops, and other tricks. Aerial Silks builds phenomenal pulling and core strength to hone your gymnastic strength, power, and control. As you progress you will climb through 4 levels of difficulty. Safety is our ultimate priority and every precaution is taken to allow your maximum enjoyment of Aerial Silks at Aerial Athletica.

Pole Space

Straps utilizes two broad thick lengths of strapping specially designed for strength and shock load that are suspended from the ceiling. Just slip your hands through the loops on the end and you’re off! Straps will create a bullet-proof core and shoulders as you practice dynamic tricks in the air.

Training space

Bungee Fit is a fun new concept using a sturdy low-rigged bungee harness. Once safely buckeled in you will be able to fly and glide just above the floor. In bungee Fit you will find yourself jumping higher and complex gymnastics easier to perform. Feel the weightless joy of Bungee Fit for yourself!

Reception and Shop

Develop all-encompassing strength, endurance, and power with free-weight strength training combined with High Intensity Interval Training (HITT). Strength Camp will get you strong with classic lifts such as squatting, pressing, and deadlifting as well as breathing heavy with kettlebells, and body weight gymnastic movements. A warm-up, strength building, and workout protocol will be used to develop a complete body. Perfect for anyone from beginners to professionals for ladies and gents alike!

Dressing area

Brand new booty is an intense workout stimulating your glutes, hamstrings and hips. After this class you will know how to squat properly and get that booty lifted using dance and calisthenic movements.Six pack attack is a fierce ab workout that works the stomach, obliques and all core muscles front to back. It will get you moving and sweating and getting those abs popping. Have a six-pack on us!

Massage room

Bring your friend, partner, spouse, or acquaintance and get mobile! Your partner will help you reach past your boundaries in this 60 minute class. Please come together and wear adequate clothing as you and your partner will have a hands-on class lead by a professional circus artist!

Dress code: T-shirts and long pants please.

complementary ammenities

Pole Fitness is the newest craze! Get your ideal body by combining dancing, acrobatics, and strength on one of our 10 Competition Poles. Work your way through Aerial Athletica’s unique 4-level program to take you higher! Taught by international pole champions you’re sure to forge new friendships and experiences with Aerial Athletica and Pole Fitness.

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