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(Corde Lisse)

What is Rope?

Remember climbing rope in gym class?  Our rope class is not like that!  You will learn how to develop power, coordination, control, and finesse with our professional instructors.  This is a dynamic strength class that teaches the body how to pull, swing, climb, spin, and wrap in exciting and daring combinations.  When your friends ask you how you got so ripped, you'll simply say: Rope.

What to wear

Men and Women: T-shirt, Tank or sports bra, and Leggins or Dance Tights.

Rope intro

Looking to try something new, but not ready to commit?  Try an Intro Class!  Learn about the apparatus, how it's used, some basic conditioning skills to prepare, and some beginner techniques.  Take an intro class...take 10! Take all the time you need to be ready to dive in to level 1!

Rope 1

Absolutely everyone is welcome in this class!

Rope 2

This video shows prerequisites for Rope Level 2 at Aerial Athletica. Please check before you take the level 2 class.


-Russian Climb

-Straddle Knee Hook
-Hip-Lock to Opposite side Lock

-Hip--Lock to Same Side Lock

rope 3

This video shows prerequisites for Rope Level 3 at Aerial Athletica. Please check before you take the level 3 class.



-Bell Beats 7 times


-Wheel Down with Bent Knees

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