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Kids Atheletica

Kid's class is BACK on Thursday!

Aerial athletica kids program


     Aerial Athletica Kids' program is different.  Your children will be trained

by professional, experienced, background-checked instructors.  Not hobbyists.  Your kids will learn body control and movement calisthenics taught step-by-step at Aerial Athletica where safety is our ultimate priority.


     Challenging yet fun, Your developing child will have a physical advantage through the training of body lines, structured methodology on aerial apparatuses, and agility in dance.  These skills will have a positive overarching effect your children through achievement and building a healthy, strong, and fit lifestyle.  


     Kid's Athletica students enjoy group work, and learn to cooperate with other students.   All the while building self-confidence by achieving aerial skills and developing good movement patterns in the performing arts.


     Kid's Athletica classes will empower performance in your children's other athletic endeavors such as Gymnastics, Ballet, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Dance, general healthy play and an endless list of sports and activities! 

Oh, and it's REALLY FUN!

 All instructors are background checked and many actively work and perform in the biggest shows in CIRCUS! 

Kid's Aerial Silks & Contortion class from 4:30pm-6:00pm on Thursday!

Age: 8 - 14 years old 

Class Cap: 8 spots

Fee: $35 per drop-in or 10 Kid's class package($240)


FREE Trial Available for the first class and locals only. 



Kids Birthday Party

We offer Kid's private parties! Fun, safe, unique experiences!