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Aerial Athletica Art Project

“MASKED” Art Project to Spotlight the Performing Arts Community

Aerial Athletica debut’s special project “MASKED” to spread a message of hope through performing artists.

[Las Vegas, NV] Yukari Cooperstock, the owner of a new concept fitness studio called AerialAthletica, is cultivating a message of positivity and awareness throughout the community with her project entitled MASKED. The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought the majority of the entertainment industry to a sudden halt since March 2020. With the closure of shows and events, artists are forced to seek other creative avenues to express themselves during these difficult times. Utilizing the incredible talents of the performing arts community within Las Vegas, Cooperstock aims to showcase the importance of caring for others, while also protecting themselves and society. MASKED hopes to educate and potentially ease prejudices against mask-wearing, while shining a light on the toll the pandemic has taken on the performing arts community. The video features a wide variety of talents, including aerialists and dancers, that portray masks as an extension of their art form. All of the masks used were locally designed and created by artist Zoeth Cardenales. MASKED was filmed in compliance with all current health regulations in regard to COVID-19.

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