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Work Out With A Trainer

Personalized Training

at Vegas Athletica

60-Min Session

Strength and Conditioning

So you've decided to get stronger. Excellent. Your one-on-one with coach Coop will be geared towards your goals and interests. We can get you there with strength and conditioning, kettlebell technique, Olympic weightlifting, and gymnastic strength. Let us help build the stronger, fitter, healthier you!

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Sport Specific or Generalized

Technique work

Coop can guide you through a multitude of disciplines from kettlebells and barbell work, to rope-climbs and muscle-ups. Learn to organize your body so it can put out maximum power in minimum time. Develop explosiveness for the field or functional ability for the real world.

nuturition program

Our trainers are ready to create your new fitness routine. Call us today!

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